Welcome Home: Elements of a great foyer

An entry foyer serves as the welcoming gateway to your home.  It’s the first thing you see when you arrive, and the last thing you pass through as you walk out the door.  Due to this high volume of traffic, the foyer can get a lot of wear and tear and needs to be able to multitask to suit your needs!  There are many ways to design a foyer, and it’s important that yours reflects your personality and lifestyle.  Always losing things?  Keep your keys and essentials organized on a console for days when you’re running late.  Have children?  Add hooks and baskets to keep clothing and accessories tidy.  Feeling a little stressed?  Create a peaceful entry with low lighting and your favorite objects to help set the tone for relaxation.

Below you’ll find 8 elements that make up a great foyer.  Pick and choose what fits your lifestyle, and walk in to a more organized, inspiring, and relaxing home!

1. A place to sit
Adding seating in your entryway is a sign of hospitality, allowing you to sit and take a breath after a long day.  Whether you choose a chair or a bench, it’s nice to have a place to slip off your shoes or set down your bags.

Entry Foyer

2. Lighting
A table lamp or wall sconce adds a dim glow that can serve as a warm welcome home.  The shade provides softer illumination than overhead lighting, and you can add interest to your foyer with the many colors, textures and patterns available in lamps.

3. Console Table/Wall Shelf
A table or shelf in your foyer provides a place to store frequently used items.  Short on space? Add a wall-mounted shelf with hooks on the bottom for a little extra storage.

4. Artwork/Mirror
A piece of art that you love can instantly soothe you as you walk in the door.  Whether you prefer abstract, photography or a quirky print–select something that makes you happy. If you choose to go with a mirror instead of art, pick something with a decorative frame that can both serve as an art piece and allow you to check your appearance on the way out the door!

5. Storage Baskets or Hooks
Hooks on the wall and a basket on the floor is a great way to keep your foyer tidy.  If you drop your mail on your entry console when you walk in,  get a piece with drawers or add a small basket on top to keep your items organized.

6. Greenery/Decorative Objects
A collection of plants or decorative objects adds interest to your entryway and tells guests a little bit about your personality.  Have a collection of ceramic dogs?  Display a few of them proudly on your entry console to add a smile to your face when you arrive.

7. Area Rug
A rug gives you a space to wipe your feet and defines your entry area.  This is a great item to incorporate if you want to add pattern or color.

8. Wallpaper
Small entryways are the perfect place to add some playful wallpaper.  Afraid of something too permanent? Recent advancements in the field of wallpaper have made it easy to adhere and remove.  This allows you to swap out the design whenever your tastes change.

No matter how big or small your foyer, adding a few decorative and functional elements can make a big difference.  I’d love to hear how you’re styling yours!

xo, Lauren