The one item you should add to your living room today (that costs less than $150!)

Ah, the ottoman.  One of my favorite, budget friendly accessories that can easily be added to any space.  Whether you decide to go with one bold statement ottoman, or a pair of refined, tailored ottomans–you really can’t go wrong.  See my top 5 reasons why you should add one (or two!) to your home today.

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A colorful ottoman adds instant personality and character to a space.  You can choose a complementary hue that works with the existing pieces throughout the room, or add something in a totally different color that injects some punch!

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If every upholstered piece in your home has a similar fabric, consider breaking it up with a graphic pattern or interesting texture that you may not want on an entire chair or sofa.  Adding a pair of stitched leather stools instantly makes your space have an edgy vibe, while kilim ottomans transform the room into a relaxed, bohemian getaway.

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The beauty of the small ottoman is how lightweight and easy to transport it is.  You can relocate it when entertaining, and that’s one to two less folding chairs you have to break out when guests arrive.  Ottomans can tuck under a coffee table when not in use. They also look great with your entryway console and serve as a spot to take off your shoes.

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Low Profile
Ottomans don’t block visual sight lines because they are typically shorter than the rest of the furniture they are surrounded by.  Your eye naturally overlooks them, so you have more flexibility to play with pattern and color, without overwhelming the space.

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These gems are relatively cheap, allowing you to fall in love with a style on a whim, and swap them out as your tastes change. Check out my favorite budget friendly pieces below!

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