Studio Apartment Design

How to Incorporate High Style into a Small Space

I’m moving in to a studio apartment next month and I cannot wait.

You may be cringing right now and asking yourself why, but I’m actually pretty excited about it!  Designing small spaces is one of my favorite things to do.   I love the challenge of fitting everything into a tiny area, and making sure each item serves a dual purpose.  Most people think you can’t have high style in small spaces, but I think it’s quite the opposite!  When it comes to squeezing your entire life into a very tight room, you have to get creative, and that forces you to be both ruthless and bold!

I’ve been planning and re-planning my future space, and I can’t wait to share the final studio apartment design with you.  Until then, I’ve pulled together 3 design concepts and a list of 6 must haves for maximizing space without sacrificing style.

1. Choose a raised sofa 

Due to limited space, you’ll probably need to select a pretty small sofa.  When searching for sofas, look for ones that are raised up off the ground.  This helps the sofa feel less chunky and weighted down, and also makes the room feel bigger.  Pictured above is this leather beauty.

2. Pick a coffee table with an open bottom

The coffee table serves multiple purposes in a living room.  A place to kick your feet up, set your drink down, or gather around to play games.  Consider choosing a coffee table that is open at the bottom.  It makes the table seem less bulky in a small area, gives you a better view of the sofa, and you can place baskets under it for additional storage.

3. Select lightweight accent chairs

Accent chairs can add a lot of personality to a room without taking up a ton of space.  Choose something lightweight that isn’t completely upholstered so you can move it around easily and it doesn’t take up a ton of visual space.  I like choosing chairs with an interesting texture to bring a new material into the room, and don’t forget a throw pillow for comfort!

4. Go for a plug in light

Lighting is a must have for any living space.  You don’t want to rely solely on overhead light for those evenings when you want to curl up with a good book.  Instead of your typically floor or table lamp, opt to go with a plug in wall sconce.  Choose a cord in a contrasting color (like this one) to add an interesting decorative element to the wall.

Studio Apartment Design

Sofa     Area Rug     Coffee Table     Ottomans     Side Tables     Table Lamp     Accent Chair     Mirror     Chair Pillow     Black Sofa Pillow     Patterned Sofa Pillow     Black Object     Artwork

5. Add seats with ottomans

Small spaces make it difficult to entertain.  It’s nice not to have to pull out the folding chairs every time guests come over so you have enough spaces to sit.  This is where ottomans come in handy.  They can easily be moved around the room as small seats when guests are present, and can be stored under the coffee table when not in use.

6. Incorporate a mirror

One age old trick for making spaces feel bigger is to add some reflectivity.  Mirrors take up very little space and bounce light back into the room which makes the entire area seem brighter.  Adding a floor length mirror into the living room serves both as a trick for making your home appear larger, and a place for getting ready.

How will you implement these elements into your small space?  Leave a comment and let me know!