4 poster bed

Making a Statement with a 4 Poster Bed

4 poster beds may seem like a thing of the past, but they’re making a comeback in a BIG way.  Though they’re usually featured in old films and TV shows depicting royal residences, today they’ve got a modern twist, and can fit with almost any bedroom style.  Your bed is the heart of your bedroom after all, so why not make a statement and go with something bold & grandiose to give you that level of luxury only seen on TV.

Studio Apartment Design

How to Incorporate High Style into a Small Space

I’m moving in to a studio apartment next month and I cannot wait.

You may be cringing right now and asking yourself why, but I’m actually pretty excited about it!  Designing small spaces is one of my favorite things to do.   I love the challenge of fitting everything into a tiny area, and making sure each item serves a dual purpose.  Most people think you can’t have high style in small spaces, but I think it’s quite the opposite!  When it comes to squeezing your entire life into a very tight room, you have to get creative, and that forces you to be both ruthless and bold!

I’ve been planning and re-planning my future space, and I can’t wait to share the final studio apartment design with you.  Until then, I’ve pulled together 3 design concepts and a list of 6 must haves for maximizing space without sacrificing style.

Airbnb Design

Airbnb Design: Providing the Ultimate Guest Experience

If I asked what you look for when booking a hotel, you would most likely respond with the following:

This list is probably the same as what you would search for if you decided to stay at an Airbnb.  Luckily, there’s one thing an Airbnb is able to offer that hotels cannot as easily achieve; a uniquely exclusive experience.


Hospitality and a Cockroach

Last week my husband and I arrived at an Airbnb in Bangkok after the sun had set and the streets were dark.  We unlocked the door and turned on the lights, to see a flash of something scurrying under the sofa.

“Uh, I’m pretty sure that was a cockroach.”  My husband said.

No. No. No. Please No. 

7 books every airbnb must have

7 Books Every Airbnb Must Have

When furnishing a property for guests, one thing that often gets overlooked is a collection of books to read.  When people are traveling they’re often on vacation and allow themselves to indulge in leisurely activities like reading.  Presenting a variety of topics allows something for everyone, and provides entertainment during downtime.  Your collection of books doesn’t need to be brand new, in fact I find them much more interesting if they’re worn and aged with use.  Swing by a used bookstore and pick up a few that fall within the categories listed below.  Here are the 7 topics I recommend every host should have available.

plaid habits

A Cozy Bedroom Incorporating the Best Fall Trend

Every time fall rolls around I get excited to pull out all of my chunky knit sweaters, plan meals that incorporate pumpkin, and grab blankets for snuggling on chilly nights. Along with apple picking & pumpkin carving, one of my favorite things about fall is the patterns & colors. Plaid, tartan & tweed are abundant during this season, and I can’t get enough! Below I’m sharing a concept I did for transforming your bedroom into a cozy fall haven, filled with warm colors & textures.

How to Transform your Patio into an Urban Oasis

It’s summer and patio season is in full swing!  I’m trying to spend as much time as I can relaxing in the sun, and have been collecting images of great outdoor spaces for inspiration.  Patios are the perfect place to pile on colors and patterns, allowing you to mix and match as you please.  One item I have my eye on lately is the hammock chair.  These chairs are great for lounging with a good book–add one with some accessories, and you’ll be swaying in the breeze in no time.

An interview with 57st. design

It was a sunny spring day when I walked in to the workshop of 57st Design on the south side of Chicago.  Gorgeous planks of wood were scattered throughout the shop, and you could feel the gentle vibration of machines running.  In the corner, standing in a pile of sawdust, the owner Sam and an employee were finishing a piece together.

Hotel Tour: The Robey

I recently toured the new Robey Hotel in Chicago, a 12 story adaptive re-use space which holds 69 guestrooms and multiple food and beverage outlets. The art deco building, located at the 6 corners of Chicago, previously housed a private offices but has been shuttered for years.

Best Coffee Table Books of 2017

I have deep affection for books.  I love that they can entice you and transport you to a completely different world, inspiring you with their words and images. Once when I was young I was taken into a bookstore by a family member and told I could get any book I wanted.  I chose the book of 1,001 house plans (nerd alert!).