7 books every airbnb must have

7 Books Every Airbnb Must Have

When furnishing a property for guests, one thing that often gets overlooked is a collection of books to read.  When people are traveling they’re often on vacation and allow themselves to indulge in leisurely activities like reading.  Presenting a variety of topics allows something for everyone, and provides entertainment during downtime.  Your collection of books doesn’t need to be brand new, in fact I find them much more interesting if they’re worn and aged with use.  Swing by a used bookstore and pick up a few that fall within the categories listed below.  Here are the 7 topics I recommend every host should have available.

1. History Books

People travel to learn about and experience a new culture.  By providing a few books related to the history of your location, you’re allowing them to learn new things for a better understanding of where they are.

2. Culinary Books

When visiting, guests will most likely be eating out for the majority of their trip.  They’ll want to know what food is unique and specific to the place they’re traveling to, and which things they shouldn’t miss.  Consider providing a cookbook with meals specific to your region, or a book related to the best restaurants in your area.

3. Nature/Science Books

Don’t forget to supply your visitors with something that tells them a bit about the landscape they’re in.  Unique wildlife, plants, or beautiful scenery will all be of interest to those choosing to stay with you.  If you’re located in a busy city without much nature to offer, include a book about a place close by where they could visit as a side trip.

4. Mystery Novels

Mystery books hit a wide range of audiences, and are an easy book to pick up and finish during a vacation.  These are perfect for some short-term entertainment.

5. Romance Novels

Lighthearted romance novels add to the feeling of endless summer, and should not be left out of your collection.  These books are typically short and uplifting, and give your guests the option to indulge in something they wouldn’t typically find the time for.

6. Biography’s

Adding a couple of Biography’s allows guests to take a peek into another’s life.  Consider leaving books related to famous people that are from your region.

7. Children’s Books

A handful of children’s books should be included in every book collection to be available for a bedtime story.  Even if your typical visitors are not families, you never know when a child might be coming by and will need some entertainment.

By providing a wide range of books which can be read for both pleasure and education, you’re making sure you have a little something for everyone.

Did I miss something you typically include for your guests?  Leave a comment and let me know!