5 easy items to add festivity to your bathroom

We spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom, yet it is often a space that is under-looked in the style department.  This season, try adding some holiday decor into your bathroom to make it feel extra festive.  See my top 5 recommendations below!

1. Artwork  Swap out your typical bath art with a festive print.  Don’t have any space to hang art?  Rest it on an existing shelf, the vanity, or even the back of the toilet.

via SS Print Shop

2. Hand towel – This doesn’t have to be just Christmas themed – hang something red or green to add holiday color!

via Target

3. Candles – Pick a favorite seasonal scent and let it burn, baby!  Candles aren’t just to be used when guests come to visit.  Every day is an occasion (especially during the holidays) so light your candles on a weekly basis for some festive aromatherapy.

via Chandler Candle Co

4. Baskets – If you’re going to be entertaining, you’ll need to provide extra items for your guests – extra towels, toilet paper rolls and other toiletries.  Providing a festive basket to collect these items keeps the bathroom looking neat and your guests at ease.

via Target

5. Greenery – Live greenery not only adds an instant holiday vibe, it makes your bathroom smell fresh and seasonal when no candles are lit.  Pick up a handful of eucalyptus or pine tree branches and throw them into a jar to “spruce” up the place a bit!

via Terrain