4 poster bed

Making a Statement with a 4 Poster Bed

4 poster beds may seem like a thing of the past, but they’re making a comeback in a BIG way.  Though they’re usually featured in old films and TV shows depicting royal residences, today they’ve got a modern twist and can fit with almost any bedroom style.  Your bed is the heart of your bedroom after all, so why not make a statement and go with something bold & grandiose to give you that level of luxury only seen on TV.

When selecting your next 4 poster bed, think about your style and how you want to feel when you’re in your space.  After choosing a bed and adding a few complementary pieces, you can tackle a room refresh with no sweat.


Interested in a relaxed, modern boho vibe?  Start with a straight simple profile that sits low to the ground.  Add to the bohemian feel with layers of colorful pillows & textured blankets–you’ll want to stay in bed all day.


Wanting a more traditional vibe?  Look for curves and go with something shapely.  Pair it with a beautiful oriental rug, and some plush velvet decor for the ultimate royal look.


A minimal metal 4 poster can be used if you’re looking for a more delicate, understated bedroom.  I love how this room is paired with textural wood nightstands to balance warm up the black & white decor.


To master the masculine look, go for a chunkier post in a natural wood tone.  You can balance the raw wood with some softer pillows & a wool blanket to keep the space cozy.

Hopefully these dreamy spaces will inspire you to take the leap and use a 4-poster bed in your next space!  Leave a comment below to let me know which room matches your style!